Monday, February 01, 2010

How Did YOU Find Your Wedding Site?

As I said last week, you can't mess with the dress, and you can't mess with the wedding site. Adam and Eve are full-service clients, so the wedding search is built into their package, but I also do this as a separate package as well. 4-6 weeks to your dream wedding spot, and I'll find three other vendors for you, too.

Four to six weeks sounds like a lot, but try thinking of it as four to six weekends. If you're working full time, odds are that's when you can go and see places, and what I do is take away a lot of the legwork for you - find out what kind of location you really want (indoor, outdoor, ocean view, city view? Hotel? No?), find out if you have any particular places in mind, and start out with offering you three choices, with details and pictures. Ideally, Adam and Eve wanted an outdoor ceremony and and an indoor reception - You can take a look a the google doc page I set up for them here. Google docs are GREAT for this type of thing, put everything on one page, can't believe I ever used to do this with via email or word documents.
Adam and Eve picked which ones they liked the look of, and I've been making their appointments. Last week we went downtown to the Oviatt Penthouse, Cicada and the Biltmore, and yesterday we went out to Calamigos Ranch:

Calamigos is insanely beautiful, and surprisingly reasonably priced for being so insanely beautiful. They charge by food consumption, starting at $93.50 per person for up to 150 guests,and that includes a lot - the ceremony, sit-down dinner, 3 hour bar, wine at each table - except your cake, DJ and photographer. With the cocktail hour, and a couple of extra hours for the bar, A & E could get out of there for less than $14,000 (including tax and service).

They really liked it, but the search continues. Today we're going to Long Beach, visiting the Hotel Maya and the Sky Room. I'll let you know how that goes.

But I'm curious - how long did it take you to find YOUR wedding venue? It took me two weeks, but it helped that it was down the street from our apartment at the time!
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