Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taglyan Complex and L.A. Photo Party's 360 Degrees of YOU

First of all, a big pat on the back to the D.C. City Council, who voted to legalize Gay Marriage today. So proud, so proud of my adopted hometown!

So, L.A. Photo Party invited me to the Taglyan Cultural Center's Open House last month, where they were premiering their new 360 degree photo booth at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce's Holiday party. Here's what me and boys were able to come up with:

Brand the background, put on the crazy hats and glasses,and let the camera spin! The photo booth is about three times bigger than normal, so there's plenty of room for plenty of your guests. And like their regular photo booth, all the pics will be available for you and your guests online. Oh, and since you can't tell from this picture, I promised to mention that all the guys working the booth are VERY handsome!

Taglyan is a beauty, you guys:

I spoke to their event coordinator, Christine Zohrbians who told me that Taglyan is just a great alternative to having your reception at a hotel or another non-descript space. It's a one stop shop - They have an in-house caterer and florist, and as you can see by the pics on their site, they can pretty much make your wedding dreams come true. Plus, since the Complex is a non-profit associated with the St. John Armenian Church adjacent to it, there may be a little something-something in there tax-wise for you. Rates are based on catering, which starts at $100 per person. Email Christine at fancythatevents@gmail.com or give her a call at 818.621.3508.

And last but not least - Time to Re-boot my Quicksilver Service! There's more on the link on the right, but basically? I take over your wedding venue and vendor search. You get on with your life. Act Now.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz C.
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