Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wedding Wise Wednesday - November 11

Every Wednesday, I bring you the coolest and best wedding stories and deals around Los Angeles and the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday.Welcome!

I went to the Harsanik Bridal Show at the Langham on Sunday, which was a lot of fun. This show was focused on Armenian weddings, so like every Armenian wedding I've ever coordinated or attended, it was filled with eye-catching extravagance and well, completely blinged out - opulent arrangements, featuring some of the biggest roses I've ever seen (you can't tell, but those blooms are each as big as my frickin' head), diamond encrusted headpieces, bejeweled t-shirts and tank tops, top shelf cash bars, two-table length dessert bars, and a beautiful fashion show by R-Mine Bridal (more on them and their trunk show party tomorrow).

What's New: Wedding dresses coming in different colors is a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. When I got married seven years ago, going Ivory was bold, now you've got pinks and blues and browns and blacks and everything in between as options.
What I'd Like To See At My Next Wedding Gig: The Water Infusion Bar. Strawberry Mint was mighty tasty, and a good, healthy alternative for your guests who don't or can't drink.
What's Really, Really New: Have the models come back out after the show and sit on stage for 45 minutes. I couldn't get close enough to the runway during the show, but having the models sit on stage allowed EVERYONE to get a good look at the dresses. One of those head-slapping moments - why hasn't anyone ever thought of this before?? And, of course, they're reading copies of Your Wedding Day, the magazine given out at registration. Nice.

So, What Else is Going On In Wedding World, Liz?
Loved, loved, LOVED this story in Wedzilla - A couple used their wedding to pay tribute to the groom's mother, who had recently died of Breast Cancer. Not just pink and pink ribbons, but a money dance that raised money for the Susan G. Kormen foundation.

DIY I Can Do:
Which, as you know, is very important, because If I can do it, YOU can do it. One of my favorite local florists, Tweeny Kau, has written an article on creating manzanita branch centerpieces. Not only does she tell you how, but she tells you where in L.A. you can buy them. Now you know why I like her.

Saturday, November 14th
Martha Stewart's Virtual Wedding Expo
- but you've registered for this already, right? RIGHT??

Sunday, November 15th
Bridal Showplace, 11am - 4pm
Hilton Hotel - Pasadena
168 S. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA
This is the one that I'm going to review this weekend. If you'd like to join me, comment below, or email me at Also, register online with a discount.

Here Comes the Brides

Warner Center Marriott Hotel
Woodland Hills
21850 Oxnard Street Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Again, register online for a discount.

Wednesday, November 18th
Charmed Circle Consultation - Information Call
I'm starting a new service - One-on-One weekly consultation calls, which gives you a chance to ask a real, live wedding planner (that would be me), any questions you would like,and get the advice and help you need as you're planning your wedding. I'm having an introductory conference call at 6:30pm on Wednesday, where you'll learn more about this, AND get to ask a real-live wedding planner (again, that would be me), any questions you have now about your wedding. Yes, including vendor recommendations, I promise, but you do have to register for the call!

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