Thursday, November 19, 2009

One more Discount, One More Squee! And How the Call Went Last Night

One more photobooth discount from Sunday's show, which I updated on yesterday's post, but I wanted to put in here, too:

Cheesy Photobooths
- 4 hours of unlimited double prints (one for guests, one for you), custom event banner on each print, CD of ALL the pictures taken. $1395, if you book them by the end of the year (for whenever next year)and use the code bookings48032 and receive 2 additional hours free. Oh, and I have THREE coupons for another $160 off if you're the first person to book a date they have open. Email me at if you're interested, and I'll send it to you.


There are wedding concepts that I just love, and Pingg is one of them - wedding e-vites, that you can also send out as paper invites. Best of both worlds, please everyone, how is that not cool? Now, okay, now? Pinng has designs by Martha Stewart. They're beautiful, of course! GO.

Yesterday's Charmed Circle Conference Call

... was awesome! We talked about working with your venues and vendors if there is something that you want that they might not be able to do (long story short - be specific, don't be afraid to ask!), and the best way to help your vendors help you. It's kind of interesting, because for a lot of brides, this is the first big party they've ever thrown. That's not daunting at all, right? We also talked about how to avoid being overwhelmed by it all, and the best advice I will ever have on that is just to break it down into bite-sized parts. You're faced with 5 million venues, pick an area you're interested in and break the 5 million into three venues each. Try and come up with three potential dates for your wedding instead of just one. And don't panic, you have plenty of time to do this, even if you think you don't. And if you need help, of course, just let me know! :-) If you would like to schedule a one-on-one consultation to get YOUR specific wedding questions answered, go to my website to find out how to get started.

So, I Was Thinking About the Recession Bride's Workshop

The call yesterday was such a success, that I'm going to bring back the workshop as a teleclass. The first date I'm looking at is either Thursday, December 3rd or December 10 at 7pm. Stay tuned!

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz C.
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