Saturday, November 14, 2009

Martha Stewart Extravaganza ,Part 3

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 Here

Moving On...

11:21 - The Prize Salon. One you sign into the website, you're automatically registered for the sweepstakes, but you have to be "present" - still signed in - to win. You get an email if you've won anything. Once I realized that, I rushed right over to my inbox, but nothing. Darn it!

I already mentioned that the Expo is also taking place tomorrow, too, right? 11-4,Eastern Standard, which is 8am-1pm here.

Also pretty cool - at the top of each "floor" is a box called "saved ideas", so if you see something you really like, you can click on it and it goes into that box for you to review later.

11:34 - I just hit the live chat on the Assistance page, to confirm how long all this info is going to be up, after the expo is officially over tomorrow.

All in all, I've been very impressed with how smooth this website is running. So far, all the pages have downloaded instantly, no hold ups, and I can't even imagine how many people are on this right now. But really, would you expect anything else from Martha Stewart?

11:40 - One of the assistance reps is sending me a private message to my question. I feel so special. And here it is: All the info will be up for 90 days after the expo, so February 15th. She says that some of the info will be updated in early January, so I'll let you know when that happens.

11:47 - Hitting Wedding Etiquette video now. And hey, the first topic is how to not invite kids to your wedding, which I've been discussing with one of my brides. Darcy and etiquette expert Talley Sue Holhfeld agree - proper etiquette says that you shouldn't write anything like "Adults Only Reception" on the invitation.

If you don't want to invite children, don't put the children's names on the invitation envelope (or the inner invitation envelope). If you do want to invite them, do. Just as I was about to gag, Darcy pointed out a lot of guests who don't know the etiquette rule are going to ignore it, which they will. Sue and Darcy agree, however, that putting some version of "NO KIDS" on the invite is wrong. You can include a list of babysitters "If you will need sitting services during the wedding and reception, please contact...", with the list of hotels. If you're going to have a wedding website, you can put that it's an adult-only event on there. Also, think about providing a babysitter service/table at the wedding. Their #1 suggestion is just talking to guests who you know have children and let them know, and that there is info about accommodating the tinies on it's way. That whole part is kind of funny, because Darcy and Sue are a little awkward covering a VERY awkward topic, but they get through it pretty well. They move on to other things like monograms and where the bride and groom should sit and with whom asquicklyaspossible. Whew! All in all, good stuff.

12:26 - And I'm done. So, all in all, that going through every room, it took me about three hours and some change. It shouldn't take anyone you more than two, I'm thinking even less, because you're not stopping to analyze, and you're not stopping to write. Gameplan? A variation of my bridal show tips - go through once, see what you're interested in, go back to those things on your second run through. Luckily, this stuff is going to be here for a while, so you have time. Take advantage of the live chats, they're great and the response is pretty quick,since they're each manned by at least two reps.

Final grade? Solid A. Why not an A+? There really needed to be MORE Martha!!! From what I could see, the only video of Martha is on the Details floor - if you find her elsewhere, please let me know in the comments. Granted her touch is all over the Expo, the site is PURE Martha, but the woman herself is in rare supply. Don't get me wrong, Darcy is great. A little bit awkward from time to time, as many of us are with any new experience (I don't even want to talk about the first two Recession Bride's Workshops), but she's extremely likable, and the information she provides is solid, and presented in a very engaging way.
But more Martha, please. A Welcome from her on the home page, at least? Geez.

12:48 - The Expo closes for the day in 12 minutes. I'm going to stay logged in, just in case I win the last prize. Oh, yeah, like you wouldn't?

Speaking of live bride shows, I'm still going to the Bridal Showplace tomorrow in Pasadena, and you're still welcome to join me. Meet me in the lobby at 11am.

And don't forget to email me and register for my free conference call Wednesday night. Get all your wedding questions answered, and find out about my new planning service where you can continue to get all your wedding questions answered. email liz@silvercharmevents to get the toll-free call-in number.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz C.
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