Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wedding Wise Wednesday - September 1

Every week I post the coolest wedding stories and best deals I find in Los Angeles and around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday.

So, yes, I did go to Soi-Meme, the eco bridal salon, on Saturday. Here's a review of it , by Siel Ju of Mother Nature Network. So many cool things! Remember, a couple of weeks ago, I told you about Green Karat, a company in Colorado that will make your wedding out of your recyled gold. One of the easiest ways to an eco-friendly wedding is to use local vendors, so I was so excited to hear about Liza Shtromberg Jewelry - she does the same thing here in L.A.

Squee of the Week:
Wedding Tree Guestbook. Wait for it - your guests leave a thumbprint for tree leaves,and then sign their names above each print. So much more awesome than I'm making it sound, check it out. Thanks to Classic Bride, via Diagnosis Deferred.

Cool Stuff:

Let the Music Play
Both The Knot and Wedding Wire just launched sections to help you pick your wedding music. The Knot has a list of music that will match your wedding "style", while Wedding Wire lets you listen to their song recommendations. As a woman who is addicted to the itunes, I believe that perfection lies somewhere between...

Man, I wish I'd thought of this first
A company called Grand Opening,well, opened a Wedding Chapel in New York City, where couples can get married, re-married, or just pretend to get married. Think of it as an alternative to getting hitched at City Hall. If anyone steals this idea for Los Angeles before I do, PLEASE let me know! Thanks for the heads-up, c. is for charmed (yeah, I wish I had thought of that name, first,too)

Za Deals:

Call Next Salon,
2400 Main St., Santa Monica, CA
15% off Wedding Hairstyling and Make-up

Cake Studio
315 Glendale Blvd.,
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Order a cake for your wedding by September 15th,and get the top tier free.

The Events
Psych! There are a ton that are happening next weekend, but nothing this weekend it looks like (just watch someone send me one TOMORROW), so enjoy your holiday weekend.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz C.
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