Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do it Yourself Wedding

Possible? Hmm...Bridepower seems to think so:

Most people feel that they’ve put their wedding together all by themselves, but the truth is that most people do have to rely on someone else to do many things for them. Sure, most of these people are professionals, but what if you couldn’t afford to pay all those people?

At the same time, if one decided to do their entire wedding on their own, there’s nothing saying it wouldn’t be expensive. It would certainly be time consuming. And it would be very stressful. Yet, it could be done. As a test, let’s see what it would take for a couple to put together their own wedding, with no help.

The rings are easy, so we’ll move on to the wedding ensemble. The groom would obviously just go into his closet and pull out his best suit, probably black or dark blue. The bride might have a few more options, though she might not think that way. Not every woman has a long, white cocktail dress anymore, which means a trip to the store. It’s much easier to get a long white dress than it is to buy a wedding dress that fits [Hee! Also, here's a secret of mine - whenever I have something fancy to go to and not a lot of time, I head straight to the sales section of Macy's dress department store. You're welcome!].

Next, the photographer. There’s no way you can get photographs during the wedding without some help, right? Not quite true, but it would be tricky. Cameras have remote controls, and you could set the camera up in one specific location and take your shots either during the wedding, or get wedding pictures afterwards. But who says it has to happen during the wedding? If you don’t care about pictures during the ceremony, you can take pictures either before or after the wedding at a studio, or still use the remote controlled camera. [Or, just invite your guests and wedding party members to download THEIR pictures of your wedding onto a photo sharing site like wedding lens or flicker. You probably won't get many wedding party or group shots, but you will get some great pictures. - Liz]

Hair and makeup for the bride. Well, you’ve been doing your hair and makeup on your own for all these years, and the groom still fell in love with you, so go ahead and do it for yourself on your wedding day. Most men can’t tell the difference, and most of your friends won’t know the difference either.

Are you particular about flowers? If not, you can get flowers anywhere, either at a florist, or find some wildflowers and put a bouquet together on your own [Here's a guide to show you how - Liz]. Many department stores or large grocery stores carry flowers now, and they’re not all that costly.

Unfortunately for you, the final act you can’t do on your own. You have to have someone read the vows and officially marry you [But you can get a friend or family member ordained to do that for free at the Universal Life Church. - Liz]. But no matter; at this point, you’ve earned yourself a break.[Seriously... - Liz]
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