Monday, August 17, 2009

Top Ten Ways to Have a Green Wedding

Hey, how was everyone's weekend? I did nothing, and then I went to a Mad Men Premiere Party last night which was awesome. That show makes me so happy, even though it's about the most miserable set of people on the face of the planet. Ironic, huh?

Well, you know how I love Top Ten Tips, and I found a great new set last week - Top Ten Tips for a Green Wedding, at Bridal Scoop. Thanks to Saavy Planners for the link. The great thing is that a lot of these will save you money, too, which I'll be discussing at the Recession Bride's Workshop this Sunday.

1. Instead of disposable cameras, use a site like The Wedding Lens and have guests upload their digital photos into one private album. This way the bride and groom can enjoy all the pictures taken from their wedding at a lower cost. It also avoids the waste and extra expense of disposable cameras.

2. Go the route of linen and china instead of paper and plastic products. It looks amazing and there is no waste.

3. Use local growers/vendors: locally grown foods and vendors are a great way to support the local economy, and using flowers that are in season saves on cost, too. If you are not careful, this route can actually cost more. But if you shop around and pick "in season" items you can find it very cost-effective.

4. Many couples are donating to charities in honor of their guests instead of giving favors. Couples can register at sites like JustGive instead handing out the traditional wedding favors. JustGive provides the couple their own personalized webpage to share with their guests that showcases the charities they support.

5. Forgo the traditional wedding programs and use a chalkboard or creative display at the entrance to post the ceremony program. {Bridal Scoop loves this very cute (and green) idea} [So does Charmed Weddings. Plus, you can use the chalkboard to tell your guests where they can post their pictures for tip #1 - Liz]

6. Reduce paper waste: use recycled paper, send e-vite invitations for showers/bachelor parties/weddings, or make the invite all on one sheet, and have guests RSVP by email. [You're probably worrying about your less internet saavy family members. Pinng can send both e-vites and paper invites, which are recyclable - Liz]

7. Save on transportation by having the same site for your wedding and your reception or by booking at venues that are within walking distance to each other. You might also be able to save money with your vendors by booking them for less time on your day since travel between sites would not be necessary. Set up carpools for your guests if travel is needed between the wedding and reception.

8. Consider buying a used wedding dress. Websites like Infacity and Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses connect buyers and sellers at a very high success rate! As a side note- Jen at {Bridal Scoop} ,bought her wedding dress used and was very pleased with it- she was able to get a much more expensive gown than she could have afforded if it would have been new. [If you're looking for storefronts, there's Encore Bridal and Glamour Closet, in Los Angeles. - Liz]

9. Think of reusable centerpieces such as potted plants or live bamboo. You can then give them as gifts at the end of your reception.

10. Try to find and use vendors who make a green effort by saving water, reducing waste, and serving menus of locally grown/organic foods. Green Hotels and Green Seal can help you locate those vendors in your area that qualify. [I added the hyperliknks, which go to green hotels and properties in California - Liz]

Just remember - no matter the size of your budget, every effort taken to preserve our environment and resources by going green at your wedding can make a difference!
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