Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Wise Wednesday - All About Etsy

I can’t spend too much time on because I will buy things. Lots and lots of things. But I’m risking it, because it’s also the place to get great wedding deals. Many of the sellers on Etsy are artists and designers, selling their original works. They also sell antique and vintage items, and tons of things made out of recycled and recyclable materials. My friend, photographer April Rocha has an Etsy store, which is how I first heard of it. It’s just awesome.

So, how is Etsy going to help you save money on your wedding?

Enter in what you're looking for, if you want it handmade, vintage or either, put in a price range if you want, and click "search". Or, if you want to request a custom item that you aren’t able to find on the site, visit the Alchemy page - post what you need, and sellers bid on making it or providing it for you.

Search: Wedding Dresses
Go Home made and Eco Friendly

Sophisticated, Elegant and Only $40

Search:Wedding Rings
Vintage (and gorgeous)

Handmade (and inexpensive) -

Custom made Titanium ring for $45, Seriously.

Search: Wedding Invitations:

First of all, a custom made return address calligraphy rubber stamp, $38.00.

Custom made wedding invitations:

In a quirkier style, perhaps?

Oh, and they both come with RSVP cards and pre-addressed return envelopes. Just in case you were wondering.

Search: Handmade Wedding Favors
And check out the list

Or maybe you just want to give everyone a cookie? I'm sure they deserve it.

Search: Wedding Cakes
Lots of listings for this, too.

Here's an option - buy a beautiful fake cake, then serve sheet cake. You can even make the bottom or top layer real, for the two of you to cut.

Search: Wedding Flowers:
Took me a while to realize this wasn't real

Search:Wedding Cake Toppers

You know you want a cake topper that looks you two. Go for it.

Search: Wedding Photography, Los Angeles

I know, pretty cool, huh?


San Dimas Canyon Open House

2100 Terrebonne Ave
San Dimas CA 91773
Wednesday, July 23rd
Take a look at the venue and enjoy Hors' d oeurves, cash bar, door prizes and fun! RSVP at 909-599-7459. If you do decide to get married there, you'll receive $200 off your Ceremony or an extra hour for your Reception.

Frugal Festival, Sunday, July 26th
Woodley Park
6350 Woodley ave
Van Nuys, CA. (between victory and Woodley)
Hosted by Bargain Babe, this is all about the celebration of saving money. And how do we celebrate saving money? By saving money, of course! When you get there, you're handed 10 raffle tickets, for FREE. And what can you win? A big gift basket from the 99 cents store,$100 in cold hard cash, or a toshiba laptop, among other things. And bring your coupons, because there's going to be a coupon booth. And a recycling booth. Check out the list on the Festival's facebook page

Well, I'm off to Comic Con until Sunday, getting my geek on. Turns out I might not be involved in one wedding, but TWO weddings, but I'll tell you more about that when I get back. Have a great week!
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