Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at the Office

I never get to leave a wedding early, of course. But Wedding Lens has some advice on how to leave a reception gracefully, if you need to.

This week has been a little crazy, which isn't too much of a surprise, coming back from vacation. You know how that goes. You hurry beforehand to get as much stuff done before you leave, and then you spend days after you get back trying to catch up. So, this week has been all about finding Nancy a place to have her beach wedding next spring, talking invitations with Cheryl and Paul for their wedding in October (we're going to knock those out tomorrow night). I also had a consultation with Amy about her wedding next year at the Japanese Garden. She's thinking about a yellow and gray color scheme, which is just really cool. I love the stuff you guys come up with. I sent her to wedding rumors, which is all about the color schemes. Right now, they're featuring a beautiful brown and copper inspiration board, so check it out.

Last night, I went with Kamala and Eric to their tasting at Michael C. Events. Yummy Indian food, with his own special twist on traditional recipes. And he sent us all home with boxes of food, too, which my husband really appreciated.

And, hey, I forgot to tell you - I DID get to perform a wedding while I was in San Diego last week. Not at Comic-Con per se, but...near it. At my hotel. I love marrying people. Here they are, Erin and Howden:

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