Friday, June 26, 2009

Supermarket Flowers into Wedding Day Dreams AND Confessions of a Wedding Planner

Great article on Real and Simple's website about turning supermarket flowers into wedding boquets. "Real Simple" is right - even I could put these together, and they're beautiful.

Cosmopolitan magazine has an article up on their website called, "Confessions of a Wedding Planner", where the wedding planner in questions talks about five "red flags" that are signs that a couple is in trouble. Bottom line: COMMUNICATE. WITH EACH OTHER. And let your guy help pick the cake.

My confession as a wedding planner? I'm glad that Ellen and Patrick picked a wedding site. Yay! The winner was Adamson House, which wasn't really a surprise, especially after I sent them pictures that Jen and Nate from B&G shot there last month. Totally brought the pretty, and Adamson house will give their midwest and east coast guests the quintessential California beach experience.
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