Friday, June 26, 2009

Posting Your Party at Catch My Party

You know, I hate it when after I've posted the week's Wedding Wise Wednesday post, I learn about something cool that could have gone in the post!!! Catch My Party is a new photo-sharing site that lets you create what I think of as an individual blog about your party. Post your pictures, write what the highlights of the day were for you, and there's a comment section at the bottom for your guests to talk about what an awesome time everyone had. Some great examples here and here. When I talked to the owner, Jillian Tohber Leslie, she said that the whole point was to give people the opportunity to personalize the experience of their parties - what do they remember the most? What were the highlights for them, who was the best dressed, even what was the most embarassing thing that happened that day. Very cool. I do believe that I will be posting about a party myself this Fourth of July, so stay tuned.

Jillian also posted on her blog about my continuing search for a bride and groom to marry at Comicon next month. I love the picture, which I linked to myself in my post about geek weddings, that started this whole crusade.

Ooh, and also! The Recession Bride's Workshop! The "Early Bride" Discount of $10 ends this weekend, so go ahead and sign up. Also, if you're not able to make it on the 19th, you can download a recording of last month's workshop - just visit my website for details.
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