Monday, June 08, 2009

Nice Day for A Geek Wedding

You get a bunch of stuff that is seriously cool, especially to those of us who really like Star Wars, Star Trek, and are very much looking forward to going to San Diego in a few weeks. I now have two life goals: To stay in the suite from "The Hangover" someday, and to coordinate a wedding at Comicon. I'm not THAT bad - I've only seen the new Star Trek movie twice, so far. What?

As I was saying:

Wholly Matrimony:
"Nice Day for a #FFFFFF Wedding"

The Ultimate Planning Guide For Any Geeky Bride
- Great list of geeky proposals and weddings. My favorite link? The Zombie Wedding, and I quote, "The guests are all zombies. They moan and groan. Instead of saying "I do, " they release what can only be described as a “must-eat-brains” grunt." Is that legal, you may ask? Yes, actually it is. Princess Leia officiating a wedding in THE bikini, wedding rings made of cable hook-ups. Cakes shaped like ipods. Heart-shaped flash drives for favors (which you can get cheaper here or here). Where has this site been for all my life?


A fabulous montage of geeky weddings, followed by a discussion in the comments section about what really constitutes a "geek wedding", as to be expected from, well, geeks. Do you think George Lucas knew he'd be starting a trend like this? Or this? What would William Shatner say?

Also, I found another great tip for saving money on your wedding. Webcast it.
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