Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding Wise Wednesday - July 1st

July already, huh? Is it me, or is this year getting out of here in a hurry? It's really funny, but pretty much every weekend between now and September 6th is taken up for me. Except the weekend of August 21st. Anyone getting married August 21st? Because I'm free...for now.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle In Style

I told you I was going to let you in on this cool thing Dana, the Broke-Ass Bride, is doing. It's called Bride $hare. And I quote, "Bride$hare is a social networking site designed to help brides save money by sharing wedding-related resources and goods. Decor, apparel, rentals, and even vendors can be shared, swapped, or sold through Bride$hare connections."Pretty cool. I've already joined, because this is going to come in pretty handy bride-wise. Speaking of which, Erin, did you ever get a taker for those 100 mason jars? Ellen and Patrick may be able to use those.

What are you going to put YOUR Wedding Pictures On?

Shutterfly.com has expanded their wedding collection. Thank you cards! Canvas prints! Coasters! I have to confess, the idea of wedding coasters with your wedding pictures on them amuse me. I know just who I'm going to get those for.

You ever wondered who those artists/photographers are that have their art up on the walls at Whole Foods? Me, too. Well, if you're at the Santa Monica store on Wilshire, that photographer is April Rocha, who I wrote about back in May as one of the few both great and reasonably priced photographers in L.A. April says that her pictures are on the wall near the restroom, which we all agree is a prime location, traffic-wise, right? Yay, April! Also, while you're on her site, check out her etsy store - pretty, pretty, pretty.

Bridal Back-up To the Extreme

Mrs. Bee over at Wedding Bee created the Ultimate Bridal Emergency Kit for a friend. This is pretty much all you and yours will ever need on your wedding day, and trust me, it will come in handy afterward. Set it out when you're having guests at home, keep it in the car, keep it in your office. And, since you'll have a little bit of time, you can do what Mrs. Bee couldn't do and bargain shop for most of it. For instance, she got the Tide pen for $3.99, but you can easily find it at the 99 cents store for, well, 99 cents. Or hit up Target or Walmart. You get the idea.

The prettiest email wedding invitations of all!
Over the past few weeks, I've introduced you to a few email invitation possibilities, but I am officially in love. Paperless Post let's you customize beautiful, beautiful wedding evites, and the cost comes to $5 for 60 of them, and no ads. Sigh. I really, seriously, want to have a ceremony renewal so I can use all this stuff. We wedding planners are not immune. The New York Times did a great article on the company, too.

Returning Favorites:

Last but not least, The Wedding Outlet is having a Fourth of July Sale - 10% off everything from now until July 6th. And while you're over there, check out their various inspiration boards, which pull different colors and themes together. It'll give you some ideas, mostly good ones.

That's it for now. I re-designed my website a little bit more, so check it out. Next Recession Bride's Workshop is July 19th, and you can still take advantage of the $10 "Early Bride" Discount by using the code WEDCHARMEARLY at checkout. Happy Fourth, everyone!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday, Monday

There's this great article on "Where to Get Engaged", aimed at the guys, about how to make your wedding night special. First rule - she took care of the wedding, you take care of the wedding suite...and here's how. Very helpful and shall I say...delicate...post. Enjoy.

Broke-ass Bride
just posted about the Recession Bride's Workshop today - Yay! I love Erin's site, and since I'm constantly mining it for my Wedding Wise Wednesday posts, I'm pretty thrilled. Actually, I'm going to be telling you about another one of her endeavours this week, so stay tuned.

Kendra Wilkenson, you know, the ex-Bunny who was one of Hef's girls next door? Just got married this weekend, and she ordered a bunch of favors from Weddingish. I went by there this weekend to drop off some postcards, and Raya was in the middle of packing up, like, 300 football shaped cookies. Those were custom-designed, but she's also got some other cool cookie choices online. PLUS, Kendra wore Raya's "High-Maintenance Bride" tank top on her way to her honeymoon. Weddingish is blowing up! I'm going to be seeing Raya again next week, when I go shopping for my sister-in-law's bridal shower present.

Also, I am still looking for a couple to marry during ComiCon. Didn't think I was going to give up on that, did you?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Supermarket Flowers into Wedding Day Dreams AND Confessions of a Wedding Planner

Great article on Real and Simple's website about turning supermarket flowers into wedding boquets. "Real Simple" is right - even I could put these together, and they're beautiful.

Cosmopolitan magazine has an article up on their website called, "Confessions of a Wedding Planner", where the wedding planner in questions talks about five "red flags" that are signs that a couple is in trouble. Bottom line: COMMUNICATE. WITH EACH OTHER. And let your guy help pick the cake.

My confession as a wedding planner? I'm glad that Ellen and Patrick picked a wedding site. Yay! The winner was Adamson House, which wasn't really a surprise, especially after I sent them pictures that Jen and Nate from B&G shot there last month. Totally brought the pretty, and Adamson house will give their midwest and east coast guests the quintessential California beach experience.

Posting Your Party at Catch My Party

You know, I hate it when after I've posted the week's Wedding Wise Wednesday post, I learn about something cool that could have gone in the post!!! Catch My Party is a new photo-sharing site that lets you create what I think of as an individual blog about your party. Post your pictures, write what the highlights of the day were for you, and there's a comment section at the bottom for your guests to talk about what an awesome time everyone had. Some great examples here and here. When I talked to the owner, Jillian Tohber Leslie, she said that the whole point was to give people the opportunity to personalize the experience of their parties - what do they remember the most? What were the highlights for them, who was the best dressed, even what was the most embarassing thing that happened that day. Very cool. I do believe that I will be posting about a party myself this Fourth of July, so stay tuned.

Jillian also posted on her blog about my continuing search for a bride and groom to marry at Comicon next month. I love the picture, which I linked to myself in my post about geek weddings, that started this whole crusade.

Ooh, and also! The Recession Bride's Workshop! The "Early Bride" Discount of $10 ends this weekend, so go ahead and sign up. Also, if you're not able to make it on the 19th, you can download a recording of last month's workshop - just visit my website for details.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding Wise Wednesday - June 24th

It's the 24th already? Wow. Time is going by fast. Sooner than you know it, I'll be at Comicon coordinating a wedding on the tradeshow floor. Perhaps...yours? Let me know.

Sales, We've Got Online Sales:
Bluefly.com has a crazy sale on Nicole Miller's wedding collection, but of course, it's only through today, so you'll have to hurry. Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, you name it.

WeddingOutlet.com now has weekly wedding specials. It's a great place to go if you're trying to match your accessories to a color or theme, and they also have a gorgeous variety of DIY Invitation kits.

Elizabeth over at Elizabeth Anne Designs just got married herself, and she had the coolest idea. She left song request cards on all her tables, so everyone could write down a song they each wanted to hear and give the card to the DJ. So awesome, what a great way to have your guests be an active part of your reception. She says that everyone's song was played, too. I think I need the number of her DJ...

All About the Cake:

Over at Etsy Weddings,manda3718 is making and selling Fake Damask Wedding Cakes, which are custom designed with your colors. And the cake comes with wedding tips - you can order up to 4 tiers, display at your wedding and then cut up a much less expensive sheet cake to serve to guests. You can have a bakery make a real cake that matches the upper tier design on the fake cake, and cut that for pictures. And you'll have a tasty snack to take back to your hotel room that night. The fake cake is only $200, and shipping is only $8, which surprised me. She needs a couple of weeks lead time to make them. She has two designs - one based on a Martha Stewart cake, another that looks like it was based on something Ace of Cakes would come up with. Both cute, though.

Speaking of Martha Stewart, DIY Bride has posted some tips from the editor of Martha Stewart Magazine on how to save money on wedding planning (one of my favorite subjects). My favorite is about the cake, and I quote, "Order a moderately priced, plainly decorated cake, and make the focal point the cake topper. Vintage bride-and-groom figurines, wedding bells, horseshoes, a basket filled with fruit, or a pair of doves (from an antiques shop or handmade) are classic symbols that can make a cake memorable." Not to mention all the quirky and cool wedding cake toppers out there, Which you can get at Etsy Weddings, WeddingOutlet.com, or Weddingish.

Bridal Shows This Weekend:
The Bellisima Bride Boutique Bridal Show
Sunday, June 28, 2009 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
The Wilshire Grand Los Angeles
930 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90017
Tickets are $8, or $4 if you pre-register at www.bellisimabride.com

Here Come The Brides, The Elegant Bridal Experience
Sunday, June 28, 2009 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Fine Arts Building, Fairplex-Pomona
1101 West McKinley Avenue
Gate #1-directly to show
Pomona CA 91768
$7.00 with web site coupon, $9.00 at door

So, that's it for this week. I just re-designed my website, so be sure to take a look, and if you haven't already, register for the next Recession Bride's Workshop on July 19th. If you sign up by Friday, you can take advantage of the "Early Bride" $10 discount by entering the code "WedCharmEarly" at checkout. See you at the end of the aisle...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Platinum Package - Let's Start at the Very Beginning

..a very good place to start. I'm working with a new couple, Ellen and Patrick, who want to get married next June. Outdoor wedding, 100 guests flying in from various parts of the country (They're from Michigan). Next June is plenty of time you might say, right? Not exactly - they're starting their medical internships at UCLA hardcore next week, so we only have a limited time to look at wedding sites, and find a wedding site, before their horrendous rotation schedules kick in.

The first place we looked at on Saturday was Adamson House in Malibu (bottom picture) Absolutely beautiful, as in, walk through the gates into a view of the ocean scented with flowers beautiful. You get what you pay for - it's $6500 just to rent...the grounds. No access to the house itself. We got there at the end of the last tour, and just when they were setting up for a wedding. Another cool thing is that I ran into Tweeny from Flower Lab, so it was great seeing her again.

We moved on to Los Angeles River Center and Gardens (middle), or tried to, but they were closed ...for a wedding. They start at $4500 to rent, and it, too is absolutely beautiful, so I was really glad that I was able to get an appointment to go and see it next Saturday. Ellen and Patrick have good taste. :-)

On Sunday, we visited Orcutt Ranch (top), which is owned by the City of Los Angeles, so it's only about $2500 to rent for the day. I coordinated Sarah and Pam's wedding there a couple of years ago, and it really is a lovely place, right smack dab in the middle of a horticultural garden in the San Fernando valley.Right now, the garden is covered in roses. As it should be. Also, I have no idea what is up with the weird way blogger posts those pictures. It works if you think of it as descending order from cheapest to more expensive, so, let's just go with that, shall we?

Remember, you only have until the 26th to sign up for July's Recession Bride Workshop with the early bird discount and get $10 off. Just put in the code "WedCharmEarly" at checkout.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz C.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wedding Wise Wednesdays - June 17th

The biggest wedding month of the year moves on:

The Regulars:

Alfred Angelo Bridals has extended their sale until June 22nd - save up to $300 on wedding dresses, $20 on every bridesmaid dress and 15% on veils and headpieces.

is offering 25% off any online order if you use the code "Passion" at checkout. The store is also hosting the Passion Party at their store in Toluca Lake on Saturady at noon, and seriously, if you get the the chance, you should drop by and check out the store. I bought a jewel-encrusted cake cutter set there last week, and one of the prettiest ring pillowyou've ever seen. I'm a fan.

Four Uses for a Paper Bouquet:

I still have my wedding bouquet. It's made up of Black Magic Roses, I dried it myself, and even though it's a little dusty,it still looks great. The Etsy store Paper-Platypus has some ideas about long-lasting flowers themselves - paper kits. Put them together as a group activity at your bridal shower, use it during the rehearsal, heck, use them during the wedding, OR, use it as the throw bouquet. Paper-Platypus has a variety of colors and styles ranging from $18.00 to $49, and they're all very pretty, actually.

We Interrupt This Post for a Cool Inexpensive Wedding

Green Wedding Shoes posted "Wedding Reception on Twitter". Kate and Will started their wedding in San Francisco with what looks like about 20 guests at a couple of street food carts (creme brulee YUM!) and then walked down the street to a park and had a beautiful twilight ceremony. After my own heart, I tell you.

The San Fernando Valley is Full of Bargains:

Price-Less Bridals is having a great sale, too, very pretty dresses ranging in price from $250-600.

I love the smell of saving money on wedding planning. It smells like...vanilla frosting. Speaking of which, if you sign up for next month's Recession Bride's Workshop from now until June 25th, you can save $10 by entering the code "WedCharmEarly" at checkout. You want to save money? I'll show you how to save money!

Disney Weddings, Online Interviews

Over at Offbeat Brides, they've posted a recap of "Monica & Eric's Artsy Craftsy Disney Infused Wedding". Not just an off-beat bride, but a Recession one as well - she saved bunches of money on her wedding. I like how these folks roll. My favorite quote in the post? "The whole day was a happy blur." As it should be.

I also did a online radio interview with David Lopez with Tunes Entertainment last week about the workshop, which you can find here. Click and play, click and play.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Great Weekend

We had a Full-House at The Recession Bride's Workshop" on Sunday, and a great time was had by all. Phoenix Bakery
supplied the cake, Deanna Deacon from 701 Kitchen supplied the drinks (Port and Champagne, The Recession Bride's Cocktail, and hard and soft lemonade - it's a wonder that everyone was able to write as many notes as they did), and Wisteria Lane gave us an absolutely beautiful centerpiece for the table. More on that centerpiece when I get the picture of it, because it really was a great example of how you can pay less for wedding flowers.

The next workshop is July 19th, same bat time, same bat channel. There's a $10 discount for early registration if you sign up from now until June 25th, so take advantage of it by entering the code "WedCharmEarly" at checkout.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love, Drama, and the $120 Wedding

I'm having my workshop in a few hours, and I just ran out to Starbucks for the customary vanilla latte and toasted cheese bagel. I decided to sit and drink and eat in my car, a little bit of calm before the storm, and grabbed the front section of the Times. The Op-Ed on the last page seemed...apt for the day:

Our wedding vow -- to my mother-in-law
Our elopement included a promise we would never lose our ambition. We kept it.
By Kerry Madden
June 14, 2009
It's June, the wedding month. And brides contemplating nuptials in these recessionary times should not despair. I am living proof that even modest weddings can lead to happy marriages.

My wedding cost $120 in September 1986 in Knoxville, Tenn. Kiffen and I had just graduated from college. We wanted an adventure before adult responsibilities weighed us down, so we had applied to teach English in China through the International Department at the University of Tennessee.

We'd hoped to go together. But then we were told the Chinese didn't approve of unmarried American couples living and teaching together. I could go to Yellow Mountain in Anhui province, and Kiffen could teach at Hangzhou University. This seemed like a plan until the International Department informed us that Ningbo University in Zhejiang province needed two teachers and that, if we were married, they'd send us together. The administrator felt compelled to add a warning: "That's not, of course, a reason to get married."

We knew our desire to go together shouldn't push us into marriage, and neither of us was afraid of being alone. But we both thought the idea of being together in China was more appealing.

One friend advised us to elope: "Get married in Shanghai! It'll be so romantic." But a more practical friend warned: "An international marriage is way too complicated with paperwork."

We'd been living together for almost a year by then. Kiffen was the first boyfriend I'd had who cooked for me and walked my dog. We acted in plays together and made films. He worked the night shift at St. Mary's Hospital on the mental ward. I worked at a bookstore and taught voice and diction to agriculture majors, who had to spit out their plugs of tobacco to recite Shakespeare.

Like the Chinese, my Catholic parents did not approve of us living together before marriage. They responded to my long missive detailing our love and commitment and explaining our decision to cohabit with accusations and scarlet letters.

On the flip-side, Kiffen's mother completely supported our living arrangement. A widow and the mother of 13 children, she disapproved of early marriages. Frances, as all her children called her, thought that people who married young lost all drive and ambition. Wed too soon, she seemed to worry, and we might just kick back and eat pork rinds and boiled peanuts in east Tennessee for the rest of our lives.

Because we couldn't please both sets of parents, the decision about whether to marry would have to be ours alone. One weekend, we made a list of pros and cons. The pros won out, and we set a date to elope the following Monday.

My father was coaching for the Atlanta Falcons then, and we waited until after Atlanta beat Dallas that Sunday night to break our news, hoping the win would have them in a good mood. My mother was relieved, despite our decision to not have the ceremony performed by a priest.

We waited until the next day to call Frances. "We're thinking of getting married," Kiffen told her. "Today." Her reply cannot be printed in a family newspaper.

I hovered in the doorway, hearing just one side of the conversation, which went something like this: "Frances, wait. Frances, please. Frances?" Then he turned to me: "She hung up. And she threatened to burn the courthouse down. We'd better move quick."

It was a good instinct. We learned later that Frances had jumped immediately into her car and headed for Knoxville (a three-hour drive from Nashville), determined to stop us.

We raced to buy wedding rings -- simple gold bands for which we paid $34 apiece. Then we hurried to the county seat and handed over $10 for a marriage license. For a wedding present, the state of Tennessee gave us matching gift bags of Tide, soap, condoms, tampons, toothpaste and a toothbrush. A man named Squire Max Wolf married us.

I wore a blue dress, red tights and saddle shoes. The best man, Kiffen's brother, Joseph, wore shorts, and the maid of honor, my best friend Pattie, wore shorts too. I don't remember what Kiffen wore, but I do remember the love and joy in his eyes. After the wedding, we went to the Bijou Theatre Bistro for champagne, but it didn't have any, so we ordered red wine and toasted our first day of marriage.

We figured that Kiffen's mother was by now drawing close. I dropped him off at his brother's apartment, where he hoped to intercept her and calm her down before I saw her. We would all meet up later at the Budget Inns of America for a party.

As I pulled into the motel parking lot to rent a $30 room for the night, I glanced in my rearview mirror. My heart sank. Frances and Joseph were in the car right behind me. Kiffen had gotten to Joseph's apartment too late: His mother and brother had already headed for the motel. Now Joseph would have to drive back to pick up Kiffen, leaving me alone with my new mother-in-law. It was exactly what I'd hoped to avoid.

I rented the room, and Frances followed me inside. We stood there a minute, awkwardly. Finally, I said, "Frances, I'm so sorry, but I love him."

"Welcome to the family, Kerry," was all she said, and held out her arms.

Frances will celebrate her 80th birthday this summer, and all of her 13 children and their families will head to Nashville. We will toast her, and raise a glass in love to remember her husband, Jim Lunsford, a fiddle player who died suddenly when Kiffen was 16, when there were still eight children left at home to raise.

It was easy to see why Frances worried about the pitfalls of early marriage for her children. On the night Kiffen and I married, after Frances and I cried and hugged each other, I promised her that we wouldn't lose our ambition. Kiffen and I have now been married nearly 23 years. We have three children. Our ambitions have changed and matured. But they haven't diminished.

We kept our promise, Frances.

Kerry Madden is the author, most recently, of "Harper Lee," a biography for young adults.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding themed movies can provide therapy to stressed brides- to-be

From the L.A. Examiner:
Wedding themed movies can provide therapy to stressed brides- to-be

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I agree with her on all of these movies, except maybe "Sex and the City". Granted, Carrie and Big did end up together in the end, but that wedding scene was pretty traumatic! Way, WAY more jewelry should have been involved in the making of that make-up. Possibly a second closet, too, filled with new clothes. I'm just saying.

Oh, and one more thing, since I don't know if I'm going to be able to blog again today - I met photographer Meghan Aileen at a networking event a couple of weeks ago, and I check out her blog from time to time. She shot an Armenian wedding a while ago, and I'm, uh, just kind of in love with the Wedding Shoes/Baby Shoes picture. Just...wow.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wedding-Wise Wednesday - June 10th

The most wedding-licious of all months continues...

Oriental Trading Company Does Weddings

Thanks to Jezebel for this one. Oriental Trading Company, purveyor of many cheap home and garden items, is now providing many cheap wedding and bridal items. Thanks, Oriental Trading Company!

New Vendor Find: Wedding Lens
Your Guests are going to take pictures of your wedding. Wouldn't you like to see what they shot? Wedding Lens provides a website where they can download the pictures from your wedding onto your wedding "page" and share them with you and everyone else. And, they're offering a 40% "recession special" discount on their services, just enter in the coupon code: WEDDINGBAILOUT. The coupon is valid through July 2009.

Coupons! They've Got Coupons!
Retail-me-Not has a bunch of wedding-related coupon codes this week. TONS. Check it out. Got this from 12K Weddings, where she has updated her list of 101 Ways to Save on Your Wedding. My favorite tip is #99,"If you’re completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start, hire a wedding planner. If you really research and find a good one, they will actually save you more money than you think with all their industry connections and insight." (Cough) You might know one or two...

Need A Dress?

Thanks to Temple of Groom and his lovely bride Rebecca for this one. Glamour Closet has just opened up a store in Los Angeles. Glamour Closet sells sample wedding dresses and bridal store excess inventory, all off the rack. Plus, a portion of all their proceeds goes to finding a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

The Image Bridal in West Los Angeles is also having a rack dress for the next few weeks. Tons of designer dresses, ranging from $99 to $3500. Thanks to Wenda at More Than Just Weddings for the heads-up.

More Broke-Ass Bride Tips

From BrokeAssBride.com - dress designer Deborah Lindquist is hosting a "fashion, beauty and wellness" event today from 3-8pm. I should be there around 5pm,myself. Also if you're heading down to San Diego or want to head down there, Encore Bridal (our old friend!) is holding a sample sale at the Omni Hotel. More on both events on the broke-ass website.

And speaking of finding ways to save money while you're planning your wedding, there are still a few seats available at this Sunday's Recession Bride Workshop. Enter the code "wedcharmfive" and save $5 on registration. See you there!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Nice Day for A Geek Wedding

You get a bunch of stuff that is seriously cool, especially to those of us who really like Star Wars, Star Trek, and are very much looking forward to going to San Diego in a few weeks. I now have two life goals: To stay in the suite from "The Hangover" someday, and to coordinate a wedding at Comicon. I'm not THAT bad - I've only seen the new Star Trek movie twice, so far. What?

As I was saying:

Wholly Matrimony:
"Nice Day for a #FFFFFF Wedding"

The Ultimate Planning Guide For Any Geeky Bride
- Great list of geeky proposals and weddings. My favorite link? The Zombie Wedding, and I quote, "The guests are all zombies. They moan and groan. Instead of saying "I do, " they release what can only be described as a “must-eat-brains” grunt." Is that legal, you may ask? Yes, actually it is. Princess Leia officiating a wedding in THE bikini, wedding rings made of cable hook-ups. Cakes shaped like ipods. Heart-shaped flash drives for favors (which you can get cheaper here or here). Where has this site been for all my life?


A fabulous montage of geeky weddings, followed by a discussion in the comments section about what really constitutes a "geek wedding", as to be expected from, well, geeks. Do you think George Lucas knew he'd be starting a trend like this? Or this? What would William Shatner say?

Also, I found another great tip for saving money on your wedding. Webcast it.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Special Cocktails for the Recession Bride

I kid you not. 701 Cocktail kitchen, a bartending service and the newest sponsor for the Recession Bride's Workshop, is going to be there to make and serve, the Recession Bride Cocktail. I have not been told what the ingredients are yet, but I'm hoping for something strong, yet relaxing. Buck you up, but make you feel that everything is going to be okay. You can find out more information about the Workshop and register by visiting the website at www.silvercharmevents.com.

This weekend is "Dark" for me, because Dee Dee, one of my best friends on the face of the planet is coming to visit. Yay! The weekend will be The Hangover + 24-hour Pho +Wendy's Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty (You know you want one, too). The one work-related thing I'm doing is going to hear Julia over at Bargain Babe speak at the West Valley Public Library on Saturday, before Dee Dee comes in. Julia's the one that told me about Free Donut Day at Krispy Kreme's, so I know I'm going to like her.

In other news around the web, Alfred Angelo is extending their bridal sale through the 14th - up to $300 on wedding gowns, $20 on every bridesmaid dress and 15% on veils and headpieces.

Jen and Nate over at B&G Photography are having a special event next Sunday, as well. It's Father's Day, and they're going to be down at Santa Monica Pier taking pictures of Dads and their families. It's only $125, you get one 8×10 print of the picture of your choice and access to an online image gallery with all the rest of the pictures that you can pick and chose to print. Go to their blog to find out more.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wedding Wise Wednesday - June 3rd

Six Great Deals for the Sixth (and most wedding-licious) Month of the Year:

Hit the Books:

It's summer but you're getting married in November, where do you find magazines with tips for the fall? One of my clients reminded me of a great resource - hit the library. They have all Bridal magazine back issues that you'll need.

The DIY Bride: 40 Fun Projects for Your Ultimate One-of-a-Kind Wedding

This is a great book for all you DIY-ers out there. Not only are there pictures, not only does it tell you how long every project will take, no, not only does it tell you which can be done by yourself or by someone else, or which ones you should throw a party for to get done, BUT you can buy it on Amazon.com used for less than $7.00. Not bad, since it retails for $20. Several copies are available, even. Just click on the title above.


This Saturday (6/6), Erica Koesler is having a sample sale from 8am - Noon, whereyou can save 60%-95% on bridal veils, tiaras, combs, silk flowers and hair accessories. You can only pay cash, though. 12142 Sherman Way North Hollywood, CA 91605, cross street is Laurel Canyon. Phone:(818) 764-1913, website (it's not listed on there, though) is http://www.ericakoesler.com

EFavorMart is having a great sale for the next few weeks, too. All the favors, cake boxes, wedding reception paraphernalia you could ever want, including chair and table covers.

Free Downloads:

Style Me Pretty
"Eat, Drink and Be Married" Napkin Wrap

Wedding Chicks
Table Numbers and Wine Labels. I love the idea of having wine bottles be your tables numbers, too. Got to love the elimination of a process.

And One to Grow on...

Over at 12k weddings, she's listing 101 Ways to Save On Your Wedding. I go into details on a lot of these during my Recession Bride's Workshop, including information on actual costs and where you can go in Los Angeles to get all this stuff, too. Workshop's next Sunday, and you can register on my website at www.silvercharmevents.com

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz C.

Monday, June 01, 2009

On the First Day of June

I updated my website. $750 cost for Day-Of Coordination continues, 15% discount on other services remains. Happy Fifth Anniversary to me, Happy Fifth Anniversary to us all.

Registration is still available for the workshop on the 14th, and you can go to http://www.silvercharmevents.com/Recession_Bride.html

Jenny and Joseph Llanes, who were kind enough to both model and take pictures for Daniel Gravel's portfolio have a new site exclusively dedicated to wedding photography, llanesweddings.com.

At Temple of Groom, Steve is still being mis-labeled by the Knot. The Knot is being very passive-aggressive, but we all know how they are.

And, oooh, Bringing the Pretty: Check out my newest find, Vintage Glam Weddings. Practically brings me to tears every time I look at it.