Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wedding Wise Wednesdays - Photographers Under $3000

Every Wednesday is Wedding-Wise Wednesdays, where I give you tips for saving money while you're planning your wedding.

The thing of it is, photographs are the only thing you're going to walk away with after your wedding day, which is why it can cost so much. Most packages cover 6-8 hours, and vary according to what you get as far as albums, discs, stuff like that. Most photographers will work with you the best they can, as far as budgeting is concerned. One thing I do want to emphasize is that chemistry is very important - these peope are going to be in your face for your entire wedding day. Make sure you like them.

BUT, I've run across three photographers whose work I really like, AND whose rates start at under $3000. Although I'm going to be working with the other two this summer, the only one I can personally recommend is April. Contact them for specifics and more information:

Joseph Llanes
8 hours of Wedding Photography, plus a disk of images
(Click on "client access" at the top left-hand corner, password is "wedding")

April Rocha
Photography for the day, $250 for a hardcover keepsake album with 100 or your favorite images

Craig Rucker
Photography for the day, CD/DVD of your photos, and an album

Save Some More Money:

...and make your own wedding cake. I also came across this article about how to bake your own cake, and there's even a recipe:;see-X692C8QZO549u3a7#c-353563
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