Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not Into Details? Not This Guy

The traditional groom really doesn't care so much. He's asked you to marry him, and he's pretty happy to hang out in the interim, go to a tasting or two, while you run around trying to put the whole thing together. The most he will do is push for an open bar, and perhaps exclaim at how much all this stuff is costing. Bottom line, he wants you to be happy. And if you're happy, he's happy. He just doesn't really care about the details.

Lately, though, I've been running into grooms who insist on being more involved. Maybe it's because more couples are paying for their weddings as opposed to their families, Or some are waking up to the idea of, you know, my wedding, too, but it's definitely happening. My friend Winnie's husband was like that. Getting married in Hawaii was totally his idea, he had this whole vision for what he wanted, Winnie loved it, and they had a great wedding (even with the Monsoon. Which is another story.)

So, I was really happy when I found the blog Temple of Groom. He had me at the picture of Indiana Jones in the title, frankly. I just love a good Lucasfilm pun, what can I tell you. I am currently in the middle of a comment debate with him about the importance of having cake at a wedding, and I would appreciate it if you would jump in and take my side. Thank you.
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