Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Silver Charm Events! Gifts for Everyone!

So it was five years ago this month that Silver Charm Events was born. I got laid off, came home very upset, and my husband - in his way - shrugged, asked, "Why don't you start your own business?". Easy for him to say, since he already had his own business. And then I thought, hey, why not start my own business?

And, as a special birthday party favor this month, book a Day-Of Coordination package in April for your wedding anytime this year, and get the 2004 rate - $750. That's a discount of $500. You can buy a lot of cake for $500. No, it's not featured on my website (yet), you've got to ask for it, so shoot me an email at or call/text me at 310-801-3602.
But, ah, the news, today: GAY MARRIAGE LEGAL IN IOWA

The Iowa Supreme Court has released its big gay marriage ruling and guess what, it ruled that denying gay marriage is unconstitutional. The gays can now get married in America’s Heartland! Iowa, everyone is so nice there. Everyone was so nice to us there on our convention road trip last summer. Turns out they were just trying to gay-marry Ken!
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