Monday, March 16, 2009

Google Docs is a GREAT Wedding Tool

Right now, I'm helping my sister-in law with her wedding, and google docs is REALLY helping. I transferred her excel budget to an online google doc, so we're both able to look at it and edit, without having to email the form back in forth. So, no worry that you're not looking at the latest version of the budget, because whatever is online IS the latest version. You can invite other people to either edit or view the document, too.

I've used it before with other clients. Besides budgets, it's really good for putting together building a time line for the day, so you can show it to and get feedback from all of your vendors. And it's REALLY good for keeping track of your RSVPS. Basically, anything you can do wedding-wise through microsoft office, you can just put online through Google docs. Check it out -

Also, I'm re-initiating Wedding Wednesdays on the blog, starting THIS Wednesday, so stay tuned to find out more.
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