Monday, December 01, 2008

Quicksilver! And links!

So, November flew by in a hurry, didn't it?

I've been working with a Quicksilver Client, Nicole, who needed a place to have her wedding in February. She choose two other vendors for me to find for her - a photographer and a florist. She wanted to have her wedding at a hotel, because most of her guests are going to be from out of town. It's a very small wedding - 40 guests.

They ended up choosing the LAX Hilton, which a family member of hers had stayed at. The meal Nicole was interested in started at $51 pp, which with tax and gratuity (note: the standard is an additional 28% in California, and you are NOT going to be able to avoid this) came to $66.25 per person. This includes light appetizers for your cocktail hour, a cake, and champagne toast for all their guests. The ceremony fee is another $600, and includes a microphone. The Hilton is also one of those places where you can put down a certain amount for your bar, so say, you pay $1000, and then every drink that is served gets taken off of that until it's gone. If any of your deposit is left, the Hilton gives it back to you. Their minimum deposit is $600, however. If each of your guests has 3 premium drinks, it's about $28 per person, so you can calculate from there.

For Photography, she went with B&G Photography, which gave her a great deal, including a 10% discount for being my client.
Flowers? Sky Flowers in North Hollywood.

Working with Nicole has been great - one of the reasons I came up with the Quicksilver package is that it combined my two greatest planning loves: research and short deadlines. In a month, I will find you everything that you need - and have a blast doing it.

Today's link:

Black Friday Marriage Proposal:

Man proposes at Mall of America on the busiest shopping day of the year. I wonder if he got the ring before or after they got to the mall?
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