Friday, October 17, 2008

Most fun I've ever had at a Bridal Show

Probably because most Bridal Shows don't feature a dance club in the middle of them. So, the Marriage Fair, which was part of the annual Valley Pride Festival, was really a lot of fun. Not sure about the concept of putting those two things together, not with Prop 8 still looming over our heads, but you couldn't beat it for sheer entertainment value.

Speaking of which, you've got until October 20th to register to vote, so if you haven't yet, go here, print the form they send you, and send it in.

And here's a question I just recently answered on

Is it crazy to wear 2 wedding dresses? 1 for the ceremony & 1 for the wedding...I never intended to buy 2...
Bought a Jim Hjelm dress very early on because I was slightly nudged by my future MIL & it was a very pretty, expensive, and classy dress with only one didn't fit my body type right. But I bought it anyway, hoping it would be altered to fit me. 3 months before the wedding, I was shopping with my sister for homecoming & stumbled into a bridal salon, where I ultimately purchased a second lovely gown that was featured on a dress form in the window and it looked great on me. Now, I have a huge dilemma over which to wear, the first one is gorgeous, but I don't feel extremely gorgeous in it...the second one is very pretty, but very average and a lot like other gowns, but it flatters me very nicely. Dress 1 shows my cleavage (I am very self-conscious & getting married in a Catholic church) & is not very grand (it wont make a huge entrance). Dress 2 is very conservative but grand & big. Both are beautiful, so should I wear 1 to the ceremony & the other to the reception? HELP!

You know, the funny thing is, there are lots of cultures where wearing two dresses is the norm - during a Chinese wedding banquet the bride might go through two or three changes before the evening is up. Same with Indian weddings. My suggestion, if you're still feeling self-conscious about your cleavage, is to wear the second, more conservative but grander dress to the ceremony for the big "ooh and ahh" and wedding party pictures, and then the other dress to the reception.
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