Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So Busy!

I'm not the best blogger, because I'm so busy actually doing the things I should be blogging about that I forgot...to actually blog about them. Anyway, the 6-week wedding went great - here's me and Roxy that evening, taken by photographer Blendi Reynolds of Sun-Dance Photography. She actually got a good picture of me smiling, which is really hard to do. But she sits there and laughs and says, "Oh, come on, SMILE!" and damn if I didn't. She was also taking pictures of me at the Hollywood Undergroung Bridal Runway Show last Thursday, while I was wandering around organizing things in a pretty blue dress that the designer made for me, so I'll put those up when I get them.

So, right now, I'm gearing up for the Marriage Fair on October 12th - so marketing materials galore. Which reminds me - I need to order more pens and post-its. Also, I'm starting a wedding newsletter, focused on Los Angeles, goes out every Wednesday. Click here to sign up for it.

Ooh, also, I'm having a special through October - schedule a free one-hour appointment with me, and you'll get 15% off any wedding service that you end up choosing. Not bad, huh? Email me at liz@silvercharmevents.com to get started. Cheers!
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