Sunday, September 07, 2008

How to Build a Wedding in Six Weeks - Only 14 days to go!

And half the invites are in, so that's good. Menus, rentals and flowers, settled. Dan ordered his tux a couple of days, but still has to get his groomsmen to do the same. This week we're going to focus on putting together a time line for the day, and get all the vendors on board.

Couple of things that came up to keep in mind:

- Roxy wanted their guests to throw petals at them when they walked back down the aisle, but I told her she needed to check with Hartley before she went ahead and did that. Many outdoor venues are very particular about what they let you throw, and thereby leave on the ground, at the wedding. For Hartley, flower petals and bubbles are fine, rice is not. Apparently, rice causes weeds to grown in the grass. Learn something new every day.

- Limos. Roxy asked me to price limos and FYI, they run about $55-65 an hour, with either a 2 or 3 hour minimum, plus a gas fee. That's standard, so factor that in.
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