Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Wedding in Six Weeks - Forty-Six Days to Go!

So, yesterday, we all found out that the scroll invitations that they wanted were not available from the vendor anymore, so we spent a couple of hours with Elsa yesterday picking out alternatives. R &D picked out some great ones, but with the RSVP card and the reception card, the price was way too high. Elsa suggested using a different company for those two cards, which matched the invitation, but cut the cost by 25%. A really good idea, so keep it in mind when you're picking out your invites. There's always a workable alternative.

Today we went to Hartley Botanica to sign the contracts, and the picture is from there. It's beautiful! Roxy looked at pictures from previous weddings, so I'm setting up appointments next week with some vendors that Hartley has used in the past - mostly local, so that should cut the price down some.

When were were sitting down talking about the ceremony yesterday, Roxy realizied that the song "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire starts out with "Do you remember/The 21st night of September...", which we were all pretty jazzed about. They're going to incorporate that into the reception somehow - no, really, we were all pretty psyched about it - but for the time being, I downloaded the song as a ringtone which plays whenever she calls. How cool is that?

So, I'm flying to New York tomorrow with my mom to celebrate her birthday, and I'll be out of town until Sunday. Have a great weekend!
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