Monday, November 19, 2007

Eureka! Pre-Owned Wedding!

I was just trolling wedidng planning blogs looking for inspiration and I ran across A $10,000 Wedding. The owner isn't actually engaged, but she's ready for when she is, and trust me, it's never too early to start nailing down the bargains. Any way, she found, which sells used designer dresses starting at $300. Vera Wang, Maggie Sotero, Monique Lhuiller, you name it.

As far as being able to have a wedding for $10,00? Well,my wedding was about that. But we only had 35 guests. And we only had five simple centerpieces of red roses, plus my wedding boquet and the bridesmaid bouquets, which I got at this flower shop that was literally down the street from our apartment . And I rented my wedding dress. So, yeah, I guess it's possible. If I had to do it all over again, I would have bought a dress. I am acutally the kind of girl would clean my house in it, or just hang out on the couch and drink beer. And now I know where to buy another one some day. Whoo!
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