Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Bride vs. The Stripper

Dear Liz:

My fiance's friends are planning to throw him a stripper-filled bachelor party, which makes me sick to my stomach to even think about. I've told him how I feel, and how disgusting and inappropriate I think it is for a man who's about to be married to have to surround himself with naked women on his last night of "freedom." I don't want to take away his night with his friends, but do there have to be naked women involved? Is there any other alternative?

Bride vs. Stripper

Dear BvS:

It is a truth universally acknowledged that straight men like looking at naked women. They just do, and there's really not a thing we can do about it. Or would want to, really, because in certain circumstances it certainly works in our favor. Luckily, men also like looking at scantily clad women, preferably gyrating, and they'll settle for that if that's what's available. Which is why Burlesque shows are making such a strong comeback these days. It's all about the tease. There are a couple that I know of in the L.A. area - Forty Deuce in Hollywood, which is a nightclub where your fiance and friends can get as drunk as they like and whoop and holler at the progressively undressing dancers, or the Bomb Cherry Dolls, who regularly perform at Bank Heist in North Hollywood. BCD also does private shows, in case they want to do their whooping and drinking in private, or on some night other than Wednesday, which is when they're at the Heist. I can personally recommend either one, so if he's willing to try Burlesque instead, why don't you grab a couple of girlfriends and check the shows out. They're actually a lot of fun, will give you quite a few good ideas to use on your boy, and the looks on the guys' faces? Priceless.