Friday, January 26, 2007

Bridezilla Deathmatch: Christina vs. Callie

So, both of them just got proposed to on Grey's Anatomy, and I thought, "Who would I rather work for?" Hmm...
Christina, if she couldn't convince Burke to elope, would probably want very little to do with planning it all, once she figured out where to have it and what to eat. That would be the hard part, and I'd count on it being really, REALLY hard. After that, I could see her being a little impatient about all the other stuff that traditionally goes into weddings - "Wait, I have to give everyone favors? I have to pick out flower arrangements? Seriously?" I can see myself saying over and over again, "Well, you can do whatever you want" and smiling sweetly while she sneers at wedding dresses.

Callie, on the other hand, is more the type to have grown up thinking about weddings, so she'd come with more concrete ideas about what she wanted for everything. So there might be a tad less flexibility, but I like being able to give my clients what they ask for, whatever it is. It might take Callie a little longer to trust me until she feels that I "get" her, but we'd be able to work it out eventually.

Whaddya think?
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