Friday, January 26, 2007

Bridezilla Deathmatch: Christina vs. Callie

So, both of them just got proposed to on Grey's Anatomy, and I thought, "Who would I rather work for?" Hmm...
Christina, if she couldn't convince Burke to elope, would probably want very little to do with planning it all, once she figured out where to have it and what to eat. That would be the hard part, and I'd count on it being really, REALLY hard. After that, I could see her being a little impatient about all the other stuff that traditionally goes into weddings - "Wait, I have to give everyone favors? I have to pick out flower arrangements? Seriously?" I can see myself saying over and over again, "Well, you can do whatever you want" and smiling sweetly while she sneers at wedding dresses.

Callie, on the other hand, is more the type to have grown up thinking about weddings, so she'd come with more concrete ideas about what she wanted for everything. So there might be a tad less flexibility, but I like being able to give my clients what they ask for, whatever it is. It might take Callie a little longer to trust me until she feels that I "get" her, but we'd be able to work it out eventually.

Whaddya think?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Congratulations Inez and Arjang!

Inez and Arjang got married at the Universal Hilton on Sunday, and it was an absolutely gorgeous and heartfelt event. This was the first wedding I've done where the guests applauded the wedding party as they came down the aisle! Nate and Jen have pictures on their blog - I tried to take pictures on my new digital camera, but let's just say I need a little more practice. Inez is Chinese and Arjang is persian, so not only was there a full Chinese Wedding Banquet (the Univeral Hilton is one of the few hotels in L.A. that will do that for you) but there were some Persian dishes provided by the catering company owned by the Groom's family. So, eleven courses, all delicious. There was a fruit station in the back of the reception with the biggest strawberries and grapes you've ever seen in your life, and about 6 different types of pastries, which were also part of the persian tea station during the cocktail hour.

There were a few other unique touches as well. After their first dance, Inez and Arjang had a parent's dance - but they didn't dance with their parents, their parents slow danced with each other to the song "Unforgettable", and were joined by other couples on the floor. One of the guests even pulled me onto the dance floor! I thought that was really cool, because once the dancing opens up later in the night, there are usually no slow songs, and, you know, sometimes you just want to dance cheek to cheek, ya know? And secondly, Janet, the bride's sister, had all 240 guests stand up and yell, "Congratulations Inez and Arjang!" at the end of her toast. Brought the bride and groom to tears. Me, too, actually.

Inez and Arjang also had a Lion Dance troupe perform right before the reception - two huge papier mache and cloth lions roaming through the crowd, and then saluting Inez and Arjang. Again, Nate and Jen's blog has pictures. And, on that note, I'd also like to give props to the Florist, Louellen Pigot from Elegant Designs in Bloom. She made these beautiful two tiered centerpieces, connected with a golden pole, that were supposed to line the aisle, and then be transferred to the reception hall later. First of all, way to multi-task. But it was a little windy on Sunday, and the centerpieces kept threatening to topple over. What did Louellen do? Louellen packed ribbon and shorter poles, just in case. The ribbon didn't work, but the shorter poles did. And that is why she is officially on my list of favorite florists. The bride and groom never knew a thing was wrong, which is exactly how I like it.

And kudos to my assistant Maya, who was pretty much the best back-up ever. She's an event planner, too, which really, really helped throughout the day.

Oh, and the guests were so enthusiastic that they broke the dance floor later on in the night. Seriously. Got love people who know how to party.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Meet Jen and Nate from B & G Photography

Since I'm working with them again this weekend, I'd thought I'd take the opportunity to give them a shoutout and link to their blog. They're a husband and wife photography team, one might even say team extraordinare, personable as hell, and you'd be lucky to have them. Always great to work with people that'll make you laugh AND know what they're doing. Check them out.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Congratulations Candis and Anthony!

Candis and Anthony got married on Sunday, and a good time was had by all. The ceremony was at the Immanuel Community Church, and the reception was at The Grand, both in Long Beach. Candis and Anthony both had 10 attendants on each side, so the whole wedding party took up the entire front of the church! But you couldn't have asked for more supportive friends and family. The highlight of the reception was the candy bar, something I'd heard of, but hadn't seen in action (Marcia Cross had one at her wedding - for details check out this month's issue of InStyle magazine), basically a table set up with bowls and jars of different chocolates and candies. As you can imagine, it was VERY popular. I felt very lucky to be able to grab a couple of red vines and a mini butterfinger!

One hilarious moment was Anthony's garter toss. Anthony tossed the garter...and no one reached out to grab it before it fell to the ground. Not quite ready for the big commitment yet, huh, guys? But they were definitely ready to dance - Candis, Anthony and their friends kept the dance floor jumping until the very end of the night. Anthony had requested that everyone bring their "very best electric slide" to the party, and their A-game was definitely in effect.

I was also really impressed with the service at The Grand. Everyone was very attentive, and the food (chicken piccata) was delicious. Good bread, too. Hey, it's important!

This wedding's tip: Make sure that your DJ keeps the music going smoothly all night, no matter what - or what isn't - going on on the dance floor. You never know how much you need even background music...until you don't have it.