Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Directions: Keep it simple

One of my clients is just about to send out her invitations. She wanted to send directions from the church to the reception to just those guests living in California, and then give the out of state guests theirs at their hotel rooms. I pointed that it would be much easier to just send the directions to everyone in their invites. Even though it's a given that a few people are going to lose them/not bring them/forget them on the day of the wedding, you can always email the directions to the hotel, since the front desk will probably be the first place they'll go, and have a few copies of directions to the reception at the church with you. Much better than having to run around and drop stuff off on the day before your wedding, when seriously, you will have NO time, and you're probably going to be a little stressed out anyway. Plus, it's always a good idea to put as much information in the invites as you can.

Also, the re-design of my website is going up soon, and the advice column is moving to my blog. So, if you have any wedding related questions, send me an email at All questions will be answered, and published.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Congratulations, Lily and Shaun!

...who are that most rare of creatures these days: Highschool sweethearts. The wedding was at the Oviatt penthouse on Friday, which is starting to feel like my second home. 125 people, chiavari chairs, and brown satin tablecloths and napkins. The colors were brown and various shades of pink - very beautiful, very elegant. They had two favors - golf tees with their names on them, which Shauntold me they ordered from, and little brown boxes with pink ribbons on them, filled with small pastries. The cake was from Holly's - vanilla cake with tres de leche filling and fresh strawberries. Lily wore a lace-covered dress with a train and full cathedral length veil, that she had made for her. The bride and groom did actually see each other before the ceremony for pictures, but they had a private moment before that, and they were so cute! One of my favorite parts during any wedding is the first time the groom sees the bride in her dress, and Lily and Shaun were just glowing.

Flowers were by Hector Martinez and Edwin Portillo, huge arrangements of pink roses and an arch at the altar, 4 small vases with flowers at each table. The bouquets and boutenierres, were, of course, lillies. Gorgeous, gorgeous, 310-936-7409. They supplied the linens as well. The DJ did the lighting as well (Chris at, uplights for the altar, pinpoints for each table, and the music, well - my key for everyone having a good time is a full dance floor and a long line at the bar, and both were in evidence. Photographer was Toni Rosati,, and she was great. I've heard of her before, but hadn't worked with her, yet, so I can't wait to see the pictures in a couple of weeks. The vidographer were family friends from Northern California,and they were married by Lily's uncle. Catering was by Capri in Pasadena, 626-796-7652. This was the first time I'd done a wedding at the Oviatt where there was a buffet, and yours truly had to call everyone up by table. I wasn't sure it would work because it can be a tight fit with so many tables, but we were able to keep the line moving. Great food.

So, yeah,it was a very cool wedding. But they always are, actually.

Monday, May 01, 2006

First One Down!

So, the workshop went pretty well. Jen and Nate from B and G photography were wonderful, there was cake, questions were asked and answered, and now I've got to figure out how and when I'm going to do it all again this month. Big sigh of relief...

There was also a bridal show, and always, I found one new thing that was cool.Well, cool in a sort of scary way - you know how the average wedding in Los Angeles costs 25k? Well, can help you with that.

So, this week, I'm prepping for a wedding this Friday at the Oviatt. Oviatt weddings are also great, totally worth pushing back seeing MI:3 until Saturday.