Monday, April 24, 2006

Things I learned at a Bridal Show

For me, Bridal shows are a great place to find out what the "next best thing" is, a new product or service, or finding someone who does an old product or service in a new way. And sometimes I just find something that's neat.

At the bridal show I went to yesterday, I discovered three things:
1. Windsor fashions has finally and officially come out with a bridesmaid dress line. Actually, that's where I got my bridesmaid dresses, because they were cute, and tea-length, could actually be worn again and cost my girls about $70 each, if that. That was going on four years ago, so the line is only a little bit more expensive that now, but still totally reasonable. What I like about the "bridal collection" is that any of these dresses can be turned into a wedding dress just by buying it in white or ivory. Also, check out the prom section for more maid dress choices - A lot of these dresses can be found in your local store, too, I bet.

2. The television show "Bridezillas" is looking for more, well, Bridezillas. If you're getting married in the next three months, you can try out for season 3, and if you're getting married in the next six months, you can try out for season 4. To apply, email your name, wedding date, wedding budget and a photo to

Between you and me, I've never really seen any bride on that show that was truly a nightmare - although granted I may have a higher threshold than most people - and it always seems that the weddings were more complicated than the bride was. Absolute truth, since I get asked all the time, is that I've never really had to deal with a "Bridezilla". The bride has always been the least of my problems at a wedding. This has not, however, stopped me from having the Bridezillas theme song on my ipod.

3. Is "The Wedding Singer" one of your favorite movies? 'Cause it's one of mine. And now, they're doing a reality competition show called, you guessed it - "Battle of the Wedding Singers". On each show, two professional wedding singers will go head to head at a real life reception. And what do they need? Weddings! Email or call 310-248-6026 for more info.

And, hey, you've got 'til Friday to sign up for my workshop on Sunday in order to save $5 at the door.
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