Monday, January 30, 2006

Magazine Review Time!

I was kind of shocked by both of these, actually - there were tons more advertisements than there usually are, which bums me out, because it's just that much harder to get to the good stuff. Ah, well. Everybody's got to pay the rent:

Martha Stewart Weddings:

- Round page. 31, There's an RSVP card for Crate and Barrel's Sunday Morning Engagements in February. I attended this a few years ago before I got married - it's just a chance to learn about registering, start your registry, and get some free food and gifts. Check out for more info.

- p. 78. The Advice Column. And all I have to add is: Fondant and a sunny, uncovered day don't mix. If you choose fondant for your cake, make sure it's covered.

p.98. "One thing I learned". A newlywed couple had a destination wedding in the bride's hometown of St. Louis. Their gift bags included Cardinal's tickets and favorite local drinks and foods. Great idea to make their guests feel welcome.

p.174 - Do you know how to tie a bow tie? How about just a necktie? If not, here's a quick tutorial.

p.308 - All about the diamonds. Different types, how to pick them, what to look for. Shiny, shiny, shiny.

InStyle Weddings:

p. 94- "Aislestyle". There's a great article on doing your wedding music via ipod. Includes tips on how to get the music (ask your guests to contribute their favorite songs), and how to categorize the music. I've had a few clients who've chosen to do this, and $299-349 for the ipod is a lot cheaper than what you can pay for a dj. And you get to keep the ipod.

p.131 - 20 ways to personalize your wedding. Ideas you can pull off even if you don't have James Van Der Beek's Dawson cash.

p.266 - "Bridal Beauty Countdown" starting 6 months out. I especially like their tips for a week and closer out - pay special attention to the beauty emergency kit. It's what I carry around at all of my weddings.
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