Monday, October 10, 2005

Tips from Real Weddings

The first tip is self-serving, the second tip serves you:

1. Deana and Jeremy had their wedding and reception in two different locations. They didn't really think they needed a wedding planner per se, but they DID need someone who could pick up the centerpieces, placecards and decorations for the reception and knew how to set it all up,within a tight 2-hr window. So, they hired me. $40 an hour, and it came out to around four hours total.

2. Janet and Eric's wedding on Saturday was at a private estate. Their caterers had to build a kitchen from scratch outside, and the site doesn't allow you to use any of their indoor kitchen facilities, for various reasons. Now, that's not as rare as you'd think, so make sure you check with your reception site. Because once they ran out of clean dishes, glassware and silverware, there was no way to clean the dirty ones. So, if don't have kitchen privileges, you're going to have to order more stuff to compensate, and your caterer and rental company will be MORE than happy to help you out with that.
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