Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"In Style Weddings" Review!

The new issue hit the stands last week, and oh, boy is it pretty!

Page 85 features highlights from Nicole Ritchie's engagement party - a tent filled to the brim with white paper lanterns. But, to give it a softer effect, only half of the lanterns were lighted. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm digging the long tables, too. More pictures on 137.

Page 121: Honeymooning in England. The only place I want to go that I haven't been, yet. Looks like fun.

Page 149: A 10-step post engagement checklist, featuring advice from a lot of wedding planners who aren't me. But don't you worry, I'm getting in there someday.

Page 170: My absolute favorite thing in this issue. An event designer hung placecards from long ribbons hanging from trees, and weighted them down with rose blossoms. Also a great idea for beach weddings - a shoe check, complete with benches and chairs so people could sit down and take them off before proceeding to the ceremony. I also saw another idea around somewhere: offering your guests flip-flops.

page 220: Ultimate Bridal Workout, starting six months out.

page 295: Favors to fit every taste. I like the stainless steel swiss tool kit, myself. Ooh, and the personalized cookie tins!

Plus, there's a lot of pictures and ads for unique invitations and pretty, pretty gowns, and celebrity weddings galore. Enjoy!

Also, podcasts by next week. At least one.
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