Sunday, September 25, 2005

Vacation! All I ever wanted...

Greetings from Phoenix! I'm visiting Winnie, one of my best friends, and her fiance Matthias. So far, all we've done is hang out and eat. And basically, all we're planning to do for the next couple of days is...hang out and eat. This will actually be a working vacation for me, since I have two big weddings coming up in a few weeks - one at the Craven Estate in Pasadena on October 8th, and another at the Santa Barbara Zoo on October 16th. Plus, I've got a recurring gig with this great professional entrepreneur networking group, Shared Vision Network organizing their monthly luncheon. So, I've been busy. And I welcome the break.

Friday, I had a wedding at Tivoli Terrace, which is in Laguna Beach. Now, as I've said before, I'm oddly obsessed with the MTV show, but I'd forgotten how absolutely gorgeous it is there. No wonder LC wanted to come back. Tivoli Terrace is beautiful as well - I'll post pictures in the next couple of days - and their staff has everything covered. I didn't really have to do that much. They're very structured though, because you only have about five hours to do everything, wedding to goodbye toast at the reception. I was unbelievably impresed, however. Saturday weddings are $45-95 per person, depending on what time you want to get married. Yes, I liked it enough to hawk it for free.

Also, I need questions for next month's advice column. I pick yours, four free hours.

And, hey! The website relaunches next month! So, stay tuned.
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