Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurrincane Katrina

New Orleans was the first vacation my husband and I went on together when we were dating. We stayed at this really cool hotel in the quarter, and hung out with friends he had there, and I have great memories of the city, from that trip and others before. It just breaks my heart.

So, I'm contributing $100 from every wedding that I book in the month of September (the actual wedding can be whenever) to the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurrican Katrina. Like, you will literally watch me write a check to the Red Cross after we sign a contract.

If you would like to donate directly, please go to and find your local chapter. They are accepting walk-in cash and checks, and I'm about to go down there right now and drop off ours.

Everyday we are luckier than we think, and better than we can ever imagine. Believe it.
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