Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hire an Event Planner, Adopt a Hurricane Family

Just got hired to help coordinate a debutante/18th birthday party in December, which means a nice healthy donation to Adopt a Family of Hurricane Katrina Trust Fund. Been listening to Ed Shultz on Air America radio all week, and this is definitely something I can get behind. The website has more info on the program, but here's the address to send a donation:

Adopt a Family of Hurricane Katrina Trust Fund
C/O Ed Schultz
1020 25th ST S
Fargo, North Dakota 58103

And the Deb ball? Really looking forward to it, but I gotta admit, I started looking around for MTV cameras after awhile. But no, this young lady is nothing like the chicks on "My Super Sweet 16" (another guilty pleasure of mine, right alongside "Laguna Beach" - don't ask, I really couldn't tell you why), she's a great kid, and I should know, because she was one of my interns this summer. TOTALLY honored to be asked to help her out with this. Formal wear and deb courts and dances and stuff. Gotta figure out what to wear. You know what I did for my 18th birthday? I went to Disneyland. That was back in the days when there was only one Disneyland, and Katella still had fruit fields on either side of it, and yeah, I'm old...
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