Thursday, June 02, 2005

June Gloom...and Boom

I'm supposed to go on a trip with some friends of mine this weekend - one of those hang out by the pool the whole time kind of trips - when one of them checked the weather channel and realized it was going to be cloudy most of the time. Lived here my whole life, minus five years, and I forget about the contradiction of June every time. I'll chalk it up to hope springing eternal as opposed to early alzheimers.

In wedding related news, I spent the better part of the day crunching numbers for a couple trying to decide whether to get married in town or in Santa Barbara. Tip of the day: Want an accurate budget? Include tax, service, and delivery charges. At 10-20% a pop, those can really add up. And also, June marks the one-year anniversary of the wedding advice column. Woo Hoo!

And in Star Wars related news, the book was totally better than the movie.
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