Sunday, June 26, 2005

Here Comes Bridezilla!

Okay, so you can download the theme song to "Bridezilla" on the Women's Entertainment network here. Which I've done, because I'm highly amused by the thought of listening to it on my ipod. Yeah, I watch the show, because I sort of feel a professional obligation to. And it's also kind of cool to see how other coordinators do the same job, and how other vendors work as well.

But seriously? I'm not impressed. These women, for the most part, are NOT bridezillas. I have, so far, not seen anything out of the ordinary, or anything out of hand. Did you know that women get stressed out about their weddings? SHOCKER! They want everything a certain way, and if the PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE PAYING TO HELP THEM OUT don't come through, they get upset! And sometimes, you know, sometimes? If one of their vendors - you know, the ones that they're paying - suggests something that they don't like...okay, you're not going to believe this one: The brides tell them so. And insist on having things their way! I know. I couldn't believe it myself.

The thing of it is, is that weddings, even the smallest ones, are big detailed productions that require a lot of decisions that need to made, and take a lot of time to make them. This is the one day when you get to be "on stage" as it were, and all eyes are on you. No pressure, right?

Granted, some brides are less, uh, polished than others. Some are downright drama queens. But no one's really been rude, so far. At least, not without reason.

It's surprising to me that they couldn't really find honest-to-God bridezillas. You know, the ones that insist their bridesmaids all get the same color highlights. Or scream at them. Or burst into tears and hide when something goes wrong. The women on "Bridezilla" are pretty normal. Or maybe I've just been lucky?

Oh, okay, the scene with Gretchen and her mom fighting with the rental car repair men was a little out of control. . .
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