Thursday, June 23, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

Yup, wedding season is definitely here. I just signed two new clients in the past couple of weeks, so that makes a total of six weddings I'm actively working on. Which sounds like a lot. Well, it kind of is a lot, but it sounds like a lot less once you realize that three of them are next year. But there's a lot of work to do at the beginning of planning a wedding, too. There IS! I...oh, never mind. Two of them are in the next six weeks, so let's just say I'm busy. And I love being busy. As far as I'm concerned, boredom is the devil.

Oh, and I finally got the treo. I debated about getting the sci-fi headset, but with the 600 it requires an adapter for about an extra $150, so I just got a regular headset. I'm just going to use it in my office (I use the speakerphone in the car) so I don't need to look that cool. What was really funny was when I told my best friend Dee Dee about it, and she said, "Yeah, I know the headset you're talking about. Some of our sales staff has them, and it drives everyone else crazy, because it looks like they're walking around talking to themselves." Like in Star Trek! Ah, well.

Also, for you future brides out there, another tip: Check out the "1 spot" section at your local target. You know, that section right at the entrance where everything is only $1.00? They have some cool stuff you can definitely use for weddings, like favor boxes, and little flowers, and I found things like white flip-flops with a flower on top of them, which would be great as part of a bridesmaid's gift.

Also, for you Burbank/Glendale brides, have you checked out June's in the Burbank mall? Not only do they have wedding and bridal party dresses, but there's an entire section dedicated to wedding and event paraphenalia.

And, I don't know. Should I get a "Free Katie" t-shirt? Yeah, like she's someplace she didn't willingly want to go.
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