Sunday, June 26, 2005

Here Comes Bridezilla!

Okay, so you can download the theme song to "Bridezilla" on the Women's Entertainment network here. Which I've done, because I'm highly amused by the thought of listening to it on my ipod. Yeah, I watch the show, because I sort of feel a professional obligation to. And it's also kind of cool to see how other coordinators do the same job, and how other vendors work as well.

But seriously? I'm not impressed. These women, for the most part, are NOT bridezillas. I have, so far, not seen anything out of the ordinary, or anything out of hand. Did you know that women get stressed out about their weddings? SHOCKER! They want everything a certain way, and if the PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE PAYING TO HELP THEM OUT don't come through, they get upset! And sometimes, you know, sometimes? If one of their vendors - you know, the ones that they're paying - suggests something that they don't like...okay, you're not going to believe this one: The brides tell them so. And insist on having things their way! I know. I couldn't believe it myself.

The thing of it is, is that weddings, even the smallest ones, are big detailed productions that require a lot of decisions that need to made, and take a lot of time to make them. This is the one day when you get to be "on stage" as it were, and all eyes are on you. No pressure, right?

Granted, some brides are less, uh, polished than others. Some are downright drama queens. But no one's really been rude, so far. At least, not without reason.

It's surprising to me that they couldn't really find honest-to-God bridezillas. You know, the ones that insist their bridesmaids all get the same color highlights. Or scream at them. Or burst into tears and hide when something goes wrong. The women on "Bridezilla" are pretty normal. Or maybe I've just been lucky?

Oh, okay, the scene with Gretchen and her mom fighting with the rental car repair men was a little out of control. . .

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

Yup, wedding season is definitely here. I just signed two new clients in the past couple of weeks, so that makes a total of six weddings I'm actively working on. Which sounds like a lot. Well, it kind of is a lot, but it sounds like a lot less once you realize that three of them are next year. But there's a lot of work to do at the beginning of planning a wedding, too. There IS! I...oh, never mind. Two of them are in the next six weeks, so let's just say I'm busy. And I love being busy. As far as I'm concerned, boredom is the devil.

Oh, and I finally got the treo. I debated about getting the sci-fi headset, but with the 600 it requires an adapter for about an extra $150, so I just got a regular headset. I'm just going to use it in my office (I use the speakerphone in the car) so I don't need to look that cool. What was really funny was when I told my best friend Dee Dee about it, and she said, "Yeah, I know the headset you're talking about. Some of our sales staff has them, and it drives everyone else crazy, because it looks like they're walking around talking to themselves." Like in Star Trek! Ah, well.

Also, for you future brides out there, another tip: Check out the "1 spot" section at your local target. You know, that section right at the entrance where everything is only $1.00? They have some cool stuff you can definitely use for weddings, like favor boxes, and little flowers, and I found things like white flip-flops with a flower on top of them, which would be great as part of a bridesmaid's gift.

Also, for you Burbank/Glendale brides, have you checked out June's in the Burbank mall? Not only do they have wedding and bridal party dresses, but there's an entire section dedicated to wedding and event paraphenalia.

And, I don't know. Should I get a "Free Katie" t-shirt? Yeah, like she's someplace she didn't willingly want to go.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

And this is what it looks like...

And as much as I didn't really want to call it The Charm Mobile, the name's kind of growing on me. Curse my cheesy side!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Now Introducing: The Charm Mobile!

Well, it's finally done. I got the back of my car "wrapped" with a big ad around the back - I'll post a picture just as soon as I find the computer jack for my camera. It took so long to get it done, like a whole month, but it's done and it looks great. If you see it, give me a call. The number's right there on the back of the car. :-)

Also, we went to Santa Barbara this weekend. I'm doing a wedding at the zoo in October, so I went up to meet their coordinator and check out the wedding spot. Just a cute zoo! About the size of a large parking lot, but has all the animals you'd expect. Even lemurs, which made me and the Boy break out into a promptu rendition of "I Like to Move It" from Madagascar. If you haven't seen it, see it. And if you haven't been to the Santa Barbara zoo, go.

And I signed two new clients this weekend. One in Orange County next month and the other next Catalina! I'm so excited, because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about Catalina, and probably go over there at some point. I really am a research geek.

Oh, and I might just have a Treo by the end of the week. So far, so good.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Buckle up. I'm about to bag on someone.

Okay, so I was in San Diego and the O.C. this weekend - girl's trip, one of my best friends is 6.5 months pregnant, and she (rightfully) figured she wasn't going to get anywhere once the babe was born, so off we went - and as I am wont to, I picked up some of the local papers. In one of them - and I won't say which - there is an advice columnist. And I won't say who. A future bride wrote to her to ask what to do about her fiance, who was under the impression that they could have an extravagant wedding for little or no money, with about 300 guests, and he could not be convinced otherwise. The bride herself wanted a smaller wedding and had a much better understanding of how much money they had to spend, and how far it would go. She was, understandably, frustrated with her fiance's position, and wanted to know what she could do to convince him. That was pretty much the extent of her question.

So, I read this, and I thought, well, obviously, he's clueless. He has no idea that the cake alone is going to be somewhere between $2-6 bucks a slice, not counting the $2-5bucks the caterer/reception site is going to charge the cut the darn thing. That site rental could start as little as a couple hundred bucks but range to a few thousand. No clue that a good meal for all your guests is going to be around $30 a person, and that's not even counting alcohol. And then there's the band/DJ. And the flowers. Etc. Sure there are plenty of ways to cut costs, but the sheer amount of stuff you have to do and buy before you get to the end of the aisle is amazing. And truthfully, most people don't understand until they start adding it up. My suggestion would have been to do some research, actually show him how much some of this stuff costs, and see what he thinks at that point. Come up with a wedding budget you're both comfortable with. If he thinks he can find anything cheaper, then let him try. Agree on what he's going to handle and what you're going to handle, decide on a deadline to check back in with each other, and go from there.

The columnist's advice? Well, if he doesn't get it, obviously something must be wrong with their relationship. Are the two of them even compatible? I'm not kidding you. She goes on for another paragraph about How Well Does She Even Know Her Fiance? Have they talked about how they're going to raise their children? She told the woman to get pre-marital counseling, because, you know, therapy is less expensive than a divorce lawyer.


Uh. I'm all for pre-marital counseling, but this is hardly a relationship issue. There are a couple of things you should try before you start wondering if the two of you are really meant to be. I mean, really. Involve him in the planning process, and he'll get a clue right quick. Decide on a budget. And he'll get a clue right quick. Sit down and write down a preliminary guest list. And he'll get...well, you see what I'm saying.

But maybe that's just me.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

June Gloom...and Boom

I'm supposed to go on a trip with some friends of mine this weekend - one of those hang out by the pool the whole time kind of trips - when one of them checked the weather channel and realized it was going to be cloudy most of the time. Lived here my whole life, minus five years, and I forget about the contradiction of June every time. I'll chalk it up to hope springing eternal as opposed to early alzheimers.

In wedding related news, I spent the better part of the day crunching numbers for a couple trying to decide whether to get married in town or in Santa Barbara. Tip of the day: Want an accurate budget? Include tax, service, and delivery charges. At 10-20% a pop, those can really add up. And also, June marks the one-year anniversary of the wedding advice column. Woo Hoo!

And in Star Wars related news, the book was totally better than the movie.