Monday, May 09, 2005

The New Black

It's official: This year's Beach wedding is last year's backyard wedding. Doesn't anyone want to get married in a non-descript hotel ballroom anymore? No? Three weeks, three requests for beach weddings. Plus a couple more on craigslist. My best friend Dee Dee thinks it might have something to do with the crappy weather we've been having - all everyone wants to do is get married on the beach under the hot, hot son. Could be. It certainly would explain why all my clients are making sure there's a rain contingency for their weddings, though.

My weekend was good, I spent it hanging out with The Boy. Saw "Kingdom of Heaven" which I thought was excellent. Went to the Camarillo outlet and went crazy at Harry and David's. The usual.

Tip of the day: Honeymoons. Make sure the name on your ticket matches the name on your passport. I had this discussion with a client today, and the truth is, your name doesn't officially change until you officially change it through Social Security. Anything else pretty much involves a whole lot of paper you have to carry around.
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