Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lessons Learned from Monster-In-Law

Actually, I learned nothing from Monster-In Law, except that I'm blessed to have really cool in laws. I did, however, find J.Lo's pineapple quartz necklace from the movie, but you'll have to email me if you want me to tell you where it is. Only $60 plus shipping! Seriously, I thought it was going to be way more than that. Mostly, I try to keep my compulsive shopping to songs on itunes and the occassional Nine West purchase at Macys, but sometimes things can get out of hand. Like my obsession with finding a reasonably priced treo. Although, now I'm thinking a Blackberry might be better. But these are all what we call "high-end problems."

I've known a couple of brides with difficult Mothers-in-law, and honestly, I don't know what to say. It seems to me that hating the woman your son has chosen to spend the rest of his life with is entirely counter-productive: this is the person who is going to be the future mother of your grandchildren, thereby controlling access to them, and in the meantime, controls access to your kid. And is it going to make your son happy if you're constantly bickering with his wife? Anyway. I really liked the movie, though, as did most of the people around me, if you can count by all the laughter. It wasn't art, or even "Elf", but it was entertaining, which is all you can ask from a movie these days.

In other news, one of my clients, who's trying to plan a wedding in Los Angeles while working in Hong Kong, accidentally dropped her cell phone in a man-made lake. Life? She is never boring.
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