Friday, May 20, 2005

I saw Star Wars!

So, me and the Boy saw Revenge of the Sith last night. Blew away the first of this trilogy, much better than the second, but still...Look, I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I've been a little disturbed by Lucas' need to screw around with his own mythology (Jedi can't marry? So, how do they make little Jedis? What? What the hell is a midi-chlorian?), but it is his mythology, after all. But why on earth he felt the need to direct these, when he is seriously just, BAD. The only one he seemed to direct to have any type of emotion you can interpret was Ewan McGregor. With everyone else, it was like, "Okay, pretend this is a high school play. No, I changed my mind: Junior High!" And let's not even talk about the dialogue, since everyone else has. Or the plot holes you can drive a truck through: Okay, so Anakin and Padme have been married for awhile, and no one's supposed to know, but no one wonders where he's spending his nights? Nope. Anyone bother to ask Padme before all hell breaks loose who the father of her child is? Nah. And she's pretty much showing for most of the movie. That moment actually busted me up: Obi-Wan, in mid- run to go find Anakin, suddenly turns to a clearly waddling Padme and storms, "Your child is HIS, isn't it?" Um. DUH. Aren't the Jedi supposed to be more tuned into the universe than your average, ordinary bear? No wonder they got killed off so easily.

But there are some really good moments. The light saber fights are amazing. The special effects actually work a lot better this time. And once Anakin goes fully-frontal Sith, it's pretty intense. When things go bad, it happens quick and it's stunning. Sometimes to the point where you think Lucas is somewhere in the back going, "Okay, we gotta wrap this up." But still, I enjoyed it. To the point where I'm tempted to pick up the novel adaptation, because I think the book might just be better than the movie. I'd give the movie a solid B.

And also? The Apprentice? Kendra had that job at "Hello". Trump is a big fat liar when he said that he didn't decide until last night. There is no way in hell he could hire Tana after the way she treated her team, giant backpedal on her part or not. But could you imagine him offering either Bill or Kelly the choice of managing a beauty contest or re-decorating a house? Really? Couldn't have come up with something a little less "girly", huh?
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