Friday, May 13, 2005

The Apprentice - DOH!

So, I was watching the Apprentice on Thursday, and spent the better part of it cowering on the couch. Although I still believe Tana's task - as shown - was tons harder than Kendra's, the Olympic Event was just...traumatic. From Chris saying that the crooked signs were "Good enough for government work" to the un-proofed brochures, to keeping the Governor's aide waiting (ya gotta get folks like that what they want, because they will never stop bugging you, and they'll talk bad about you, too) to her constantly, constantly ragging on her team, Tana just didn't go over very well. One of the important things about event planning is to not let any seams show, and there were just seams everywhere. Event worker after event worker rolling their eyes as they walked away from her summed everything up. I was totally in Tana's corner before this, but now...Congratulations, Kendra.

Of course, in the "Stupidity is remakably evenhanded portion" of tonight's blog, I've had the Star Package linked to the Sterling package on the website for the better part of a week. Note to self: No webmastering after 1:30 in the morning. Doh! Indeed. All better now.
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